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Tennessee Landscapes by Mark Williams

January 18, 2020 | 3 pm
Bristol Public Library
(276) 645-8780 | MAP | WEBSITE

"Tennessee Landscapes" is a series of black and white photographs by Mark Williams. On Saturday, January 18, beginning at 3:00 pm the Bristol Public Library will host a reception for Williams and the opening of this exhibit in the Virgie R. Fleenor Gallery. "Tennessee Landscapes" will remain on view in the gallery following the reception.

Light refreshments will be served.

Artist Bio:
Mark Williams has the heart of an artist. Starting as a musician, Mark was signed to a major record label while still in his teens and was a studio vocalist for many years, associated with household names in country, rock and jazz. Mark’s interest in photography began at the age of eight, taking on the task of family photographer for summer vacations, using a Kodak instamatic and flashcubes. Those early vacations fostered a love for nature and the outdoors which serves as the foundation of Mark’s photography today. Mark believes that a good photo captures an essence that causes the viewer to want to be there, to experience what the photographer experienced when he captured the moment. Through his photos, Mark invites you to step into his world and view it as he does through the camera lens. Whether it’s landscapes, weddings or portraits, Mark always brings a simplistic perfection to his work that will stir your imagination. As a result, Mark’s work has been recognized and exhibited in public and private galleries globally and has also been selected for commercial sale and use through Getty Images. We bid you to accept Mark’s invitation to come along and be a part of his creative journey.