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Operation HOPE: Credit and Money Management Workshop

December 13, 2019 | 2 pm
Bristol Public Library
(276) 645-8780 | MAP | WEBSITE

In partnership with Operation HOPE, we are excited to offer a free workshop on Credit and Money Management. The tools discussed in this workshop are great for those just digging into financial management and for those who are financially established. Register today for FREE financial courses for you and your family! Registration is required to ensure that we have enough materials for everyone, secure your spot by calling 423-764-2226 or email

Read more about this workshop and Operation HOPE below:
Lack of financial literacy is a major cause of generational poverty. Poor credit, out of control debt, and other impacts of bad financial decisions and life events, can leave hardworking individuals struggling to move forward and make sense of it all.

The Credit and Money Management Program is designed to transform disabling financial mindsets—teaching people the language of money, how to navigate credit, and make better decisions with the money they have.

Through workshops and one-on-one counseling, our financial well being coaches empower clients to take control of their finances, by creating a budget, reducing and paying off debt, and clearing errors from their credit reports. Seventy-two percent of clients see a FICO score increase; 25 percent achieve a 700+ FICO score after six months of participation.

With the HOPE 700-Credit-Score-Communities initiative, the focus on raising client FICO scores to 700 and bringing financial uplift to communities, is at the foundation of the Credit and Money Management Program—working to rehabilitate the credit, financial, and overall well being profile of the HOPE client, and the future bank borrower, and by extension, the community as a whole.