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Genealogy: Ready, Set, Research!

May 24, 2019 | 2 pm
Bristol Public Library
(276) 645-8780 | MAP | WEBSITE

Finally getting around to that family history research you’ve always wanted to do? Planning a genealogy-themed trip this summer? Going back to the homeland of your ancestors, whether that was Scotland, New England, or North Carolina? This could be the summer when you uncover invaluable records that make some of those hard-to-fit pieces tie into the branches of your family tree.

Our latest genealogy class will help you develop a strategy before tackling those brick walls that we all encounter with family research. Join us on May 24 at 2:00 to discover what you may be missing, and what you may be able to find!

Registration is required. For more information or to sign up, please contact the library at 276-821-6147 or ajohnson@bristol-library.org.