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 It's Bristol,    

Downtown Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Find the Easter eggs hidden at or within our Downtown Bristol Businesses and post a picture here to win prizes! 



STEP ONE: Use code ED8B4G to join the hunt on Goosechase!

STEP TWO: Visit the location listed in the clue! 

STEP THREE: Find the egg hidden in the window or within the establishment.

STEP FOUR: Peep inside to see if you're the first to find it. If so, the prize inside is yours! Or, if the egg is not accessible to touch, you'll receive your prize via email if you are first to post it on the app!

STEP FIVE: Snap a pic on the Goosechase app to record your find!


The first to find ALL of the eggs will win the GRAND PRIZE! Everyone else who finds all of the eggs will be entered into a prize drawing at the conclusion of the event!

Start NOW! This hunt ends on April 1, 2024!

Looking for more to see and do downtown this week?

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